New YA Releases in the Nook

New YA Releases in the Nook
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Notes from the Midnight Driver

Our June book was another of one our favorite author's, Jordan Sonnenblick's, novels. Notes from the Midnight Driver was about a teen who decided to raid his parents' liquor cabinet one night and go for a joy ride. His adventure ended in his neighbor's lawn with a garden gnome fatality. The rest of the book is about him "serving his time" as a mandatory volunteer (that's quite contradictory, isn't it?) at a retirement home. This book was a nice step back into reality. No futuristic dystopian society, no vampires, werewolves, etc. Just normal kids making mistakes like many normal kids unfortunately make. While the group enjoyed the book, we all agreed that Sonnenblick played it a little safe by having no real dire consequences for the teen drunk driver. Not that we wanted to read a tragic book, but it probably would have made more of a lasting impact. That is why I attempted to further the lesson to not drink and drive by setting up an obstacle course in the basement, the first time done with no "handicaps," the second time done while wearing drunk goggles borrowed from South Nodaway High School. Tasks as simple as walking a straight line were suddenly difficult, and for several of us, nauseating. Hopefully our drunk goggles obstacle course left a lasting impression with our Nooksters, and they'll make smart decisions in the future!

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