New YA Releases in the Nook

New YA Releases in the Nook
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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Case Closed!

MPL's summer reading program has drawn to a close, and the TSI (Teen Scene Investigation) was a HUGE success! We had a record breaking number of 43 teen readers participating this year! For every 500 pages of YA or adult books the teens read, they received an "evidence tag" that could be redeemed for prizes or thrown into one of our awesome raffle drawings. They could also earn bonus green evidence tags by reading from our special Most Wanted TSI Mystery Reads Lists or by attending our Sherlock Holmes movie night or our CSI Game Night. Thirty-six books from the Most Wanted List were read while and additional ninety-one white tags were handed out. That's over 45,000 pages read! WOW!

The following people were the winners of our raffle prizes.

Leticia Tate, Winner of Dinner and a Movie Combo #1 (2 Hangar Tickets and 2 Taco John's meals)
Ashley Riley, Winner of Dinner and Movie Combo #2
Miriam Butler, Winner of the Dinner and a Movie Combo #3
Kylee Dougan, Winner of the Divergent book and t-shirt gift pack

Andy Schmidt, Winner of the Beautiful Creatures book set

Chad Sullivan, Winner of the Hunger Games t-shirt and 2 folder gift set

Not pictured: Jessie Mahoney, Winner of The Great Gatsby movie soundtrack
Thanks to everyone who made this summer a great success!

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